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Nick DiGiovanni, III, PRESIDENT

RevMD Partners, LLC
1111 Pasquinelli Dr Ste 400
Westmont, IL 60559-1169
Phone: (630) 882-3690
Fax: (630) 749-4292


Irwin Bernstein, PRESIDENT ELECT

Allgate Financial, LLC
160 N Franklin St Ste 301
Chicago, IL 60606-1822
Phone: (847) 513-9500
Fax: (847) 205-0254



Creditors Resource Service, a Division of ICUL Service Corporation
1807 W. Diehl Rd.
Naperville, IL 60563-1890
Phone: (630) 983-3495
Fax: (630) 983-3185

Joseph Gallelli, TREASURER

Nationwide Credit & Collection, Inc.
815 Commerce Dr Ste 270
Oak Brook, IL 60523-8852
Phone: (630) 528-5122
Fax: (630) 528-5002


CCB Credit Services, Inc.
5300 S 6th Street Rd
Springfield, IL 62703-5184
Phone: (217) 786-4800
Fax: (217) 529-7185


Ronald J. Bronstein, Director

Keynote Consulting, Inc.
220 W Campus Dr Ste 102
Arlington Heights, IL 60004-1498
Phone: (847) 788-1530
Fax: (847) 788-1531


Randall Gelb, Director and ACA Council Delegate

Medical Business Bureau, LLC
1460 Renaissance Dr., Suite 400
Park Ridge, IL 60068-1349
Phone: (847) 954-4235
Fax: (866) 651-3637


Connie M. Matrisch, Director

Pro Com Services of Illinois, Inc.
3301 Constitution Dr
Springfield, IL 62711-7109
Phone: (217) 525-7600
Fax: (217) 544-1005


Benjamin Mauch, Director

Certified Services, Inc.
1733 Washington St Ste 201
Waukegan, IL 60085-5192
Phone: (847) 623-6440
Fax: (847) 623-9290


Sheila O'Leary, ACA Council Delegate

Creditors Resource Service, a Division of ICUL Service Corporation
1807 W. Diehl Rd.
Naperville, IL 60563-1890
Phone: (630) 983-3495
Fax: (630) 983-3185


Karolyn Rubin, IFCCE, ACA Council Delegate

TLC Experts, LLC
2460 Dundee Rd., Suite 765
Northbrook, IL 60062-2620
Phone: (312) 399-7840



Advertising/Website – Irwin Bernstein, Allgate Financial

Initiative: Suggest upgrades to ICA website, solicit more vendor partners


Budget – Joseph Gallelli, Nationwide Credit & Collection, Inc.

Initiative: Prepare balanced budget recommendations for 2014 fiscal year; present proposed budget to Unit Board of Directors for approval prior to December 2013.


Bylaws Review – Frank Bruno, Dependon Collection Service, Inc.

Initiative: Review the bylaws and Standard Operating Procedures of ICA, recommend amendments to make consistent with ACA Bylaws and to update to reflect direction. Determine need for bylaw changes to allow ICA membership for other classifications of members, including MAP attorneys, ABD members, and CI members.


Convention Irwin Bernstein, Allgate Financial

Initiative: Select site for ICA Annual Convention; plan program; invite speakers; work with other state units to co-ordinate a possible multi-state meeting.


Education – Karolyn Rubin, IFCCE, TLC Experts, LLC

Initiative: Determine members’ need/interest for ACA Seminars in Illinois and schedule as appropriate. Work with ACA, if member interest justifies, to schedule state specific teleseminar(s) on issues of concern.


Grievance/Compliance Psbill, High Risk Merchants Credit Guide

Initiative: Provide guidance on the current legislative landscape regarding billing, payments and collection industry practices. Receive and act on (in accordance with our Standard Operating Procedures) grievances lodged against members of ICA.


ICAPAC/ACPAC – Connie Matrisch, Pro Com Services of Illinois, Inc.

Initiative: solicit contributions from ICA members for our state political action committee (ICAPAC) and for ACA International’s PAC (ACPAC). Our goal is to be able to influence legislation by gaining access through PAC contributions to key legislative races.


Membership Connie Matrisch, Pro Com Services of Illinois, Inc.

Initiative:  Expand membership levels by contacting prospective new members and past members who have not renewed to determine why.  Review membership approval process and make recommendations to the Board.


National Legislative – Sheila O’Leary, Creditors Resource Service

Initiative: keep members informed of legislative issues at the federal level that concern our industry, represent ICA at ACA Fly-Ins and bring our needs and story to elected representatives at the federal level. Urge ICA members to respond to ACA Government Affairs Calls to Action.


Newsletter – Mona Sen, Executive Secretary, Illinois Collectors Association

Initiative: Publish bi-monthly newsletter


Public Relations – Tony Muscato, Creditors' Discount and Audit

Initiative: Coordinate and sponsor select events independently and in conjunction with ACA International’s media and public relations programs to promote public awareness, acceptance and appreciation for the collection industry and this Association.


State Legislative – Connie Matrisch, Pro Com Services of Illinois, Inc.

Initiative:  Work with ICA hired lobbyist to fight adverse legislation in the Illinois state legislature; keep members informed of legislation at the state level that concerns our industry; work with ICA Education Committee to provide a strategic planning session for ICA members.


Executive Secretary - Mona Sen, (847) 893-9ICA, icaexecutivesecretary@gmail.com
OUR HISTORY - ICA was incorporated on February 1, 1945. Its initial board of directors included: Lester Rothschild, Chicago, IL O.D. Atchason, Springfield, IL M.D. Nesler, Harrisburg, IL Bert Cocking, Rockford, IL Verne Schultz, Woodstock, IL B.B. Splithoff, Elgin, IL E.A. Hildebrant, Peoria, IL. ICA's founding purpose was stated as follows: To elevate and maintain a high and ethical standard of collection service; to promote the honorable, fair dealings of collection agencies with each other, their clients, and the general public; to foster an dpromote respect for, and confidence in collection agencies; to regulate practices, prescribe ethics and enforce proper conduct among its members.




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