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ICA was incorporated on February 1, 1945. Its initial board of directors included: Lester Rothschild, Chicago, IL O.D. Atchason, Springfield, IL M.D. Nesler, Harrisburg, IL Bert Cocking, Rockford, IL Verne Schultz, Woodstock, IL B.B. Splithoff, Elgin, IL E.A. Hildebrant, Peoria, IL. ICA's founding purpose was stated as follows: To elevate and maintain a high and ethical standard of collection service; to promote the honorable, fair dealings of collection agencies with each other, their clients, and the general public; to foster and promote respect for, and confidence in collection agencies; to regulate practices, prescribe ethics and enforce proper conduct among its members.



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To apply for membership, download the membership application. Submit the form as instructed within the  form's instructions. Click here for more information.


Congratulations to Debra Ciskey, ICA Past President, for being elected to the
ACA International Board of Directors.
On July 18, 2012, the inaugural ACA International Council of Delegates met to
elect directors to the association’s new 15-member board. The election completes
the governance transition that began when the association’s members
approved bylaw changes and a plan to modernize ACA’s structure in March 2012.








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